The Vogts Sisters ~  (pronounced "Votes") 

Sweet Sister Harmony from America's Heartland

Touring the Midwest since May 2012, the Vogts Sisters touch the hearts of audiences everywhere they go. The young emerging artists have gained widespread recognition for their haunting vocals and tight sisterly harmonies, taking their music wherever they can to include stages at festivals, theatres, and more than a few coffee houses.

"With haunting harmonies and wickedly creative songs, the Vogts Sisters (Maggie and Abigail) are relative new comers to the old time/acoustic music scene. While they draw from traditional instrumentation (guitar/fiddle/mandolin) and source material, their song repertoire is mostly original and features themes of coming of age in small town America. Harmony singing among family members is always something special and unique; it’s a sound and feel that comes from familiarity and unspoken communication. The Vogts stand out in a crowded field of similar performers, with a fresh sound from America’s Heartland." - Ozark Highlands Radio

The Vogts Sisters have garnered numerous awards in regional and international songwriting competitions, including their latest win at the 2016 Walnut Valley Festival’s New Song Showcase. The girls have over thirty original songs that fit seamlessly into their acoustic Americana-Folk act, blending timeless music with sweet sister harmony. A few of their musical influences include Alison Krauss, Emmylou Harris, and Gillian Welch, but they often surprise audiences with covers from Johnny Horton, U2, or Fleetwood Mac. 

The Vogts Sisters plan to release their fourth album, Broken Ties, this spring, once again, highlighting ten original songs, including Abigail's debut song. Other album titles include Homeward (2016), My Own Dixie (2015), and Old Time Noise (2012). 

Praised for their graceful, authentic, yet vulnerable performances where one hears the real deal, the Vogts Sisters remain humble, possessing a highly developed sense of who they are and what they represent.


HOMEWARD, (June 2016) is a humble attempt to truly define who the Vogts Sisters are as artists and musicians. Staying faithful to their love for sad songs, Homeward, calls on the sisters' pure and graceful harmonies that reach deep into the heart and soul with themes of love, truth, and honor. This first self-produced album compiles ten original works, including award-winning songs, Alexander, Remain and Wayward Heart, fully embracing the Vogts Sisters' distinct style and inspiring growth as acoustic folk artists.

 "Maybe one of the best under-the-radar acts in the roots/string/grass genre' today..." - Americana Rhythm Magazine, March 2017

"The talented  duo unapologetically embrace the power of an acoustic guitar, a fiddle and flawless vocals in this ten track, self-produced  gem... Strong Americana and Folk sensibilities are represented throughout in both the instrumentation and the stories told that are universal to the human condition." - Harriett - The Daily Country, Album Review.

"Beautiful harmonies...emotion filled ...haunting and sweet...well written, beautifully performed and masterfully produced." Renee Eberle - The Kansas Bluegrass Broadcast, Album Review

"Various elements converge to make up the magic that is The Vogts Sisters, foremost among them the harmonies—individually, Abigail’s and Maggie’s vocals are merely exquisite, but when they harmonize, they forge beauty of a kind to send shivers up the spine and kindle flames of gold in the heart." James Marinovich - Amazon Customer Review

MY OWN DIXIE, their first album of all-original songs, released March 2015, and includes award-winning songs Lost HighwayGuitar Man, The Loving Kind, and Ballad of a Love Miscast. All of the tunes on this album will stand up quite well to outside material, highlighting the heart and depth of talent in this artistic duo.

"Hauntingly Gorgeous...Angelic Voices." Frank Gutch, Jr. - No Depression, Album Review

“The vocal harmonies between the sisters are fantastic time and time again. Each sister has a good voice when singing solo but magic happens when they combine, which they luckily do quite often.” Ted Rogen, The Equal Ground, Album Review

"Enchanting. Captivating. Delightful. The Vogts Sisters first original album, My Own Dixie is all of those things; an album blending Folk, Americana and Bluegrass into something graceful and pristine, filled with harmonies and instrumentation that are absolutely gorgeous." Tara, The Daily Country, Album Review

OLD TIME NOISE, their debut album, (Fall 2012) offers a mix of old-time ballads with a few original songs by Maggie that blend a depth of heartfelt emotion with honest compelling lyrics. 

"The Vogts Sisters present us with a beautiful tribute to the songs of Gillian Welch. As a fan of Welch, I was apprehensive about the girls' approach but was pleasantly surprised. The sparse acoustic instruments with the girls' angelic harmonies add a beautiful innocence that is in direct contrast to Gillian's world-weary sound and yet it fits." Edmundo Cabrera, Amazon Customer Review

"Sweet and classy, Old Time Noise by The Vogts Sisters, is the kind of music the whole family can enjoy. With its down-home feel, beautiful harmonies and just a touch of sass…it’s the kind of music that’s as timeless as the sound from the mountain hollows, with a freshness that draws you in for more." Joanne Bischof, award-winning author of the Cadence of Grace series

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Q & A with Maggie and Abigail

1. How long have you been singing harmony? What prompted you to do so?  

Maggie: I had started my first semester at university (Fall 2011) and felt very far from home. I was cruising Youtube and happened upon some sad songs. One of them caught such a strong hold of me. Every word was so precise, so perfect, and the melody was so melancholy and reminiscent. 

It was a song about missing and longing for a home that you could never return to. For a girl who was and continues to be in love with the peace and simplicity and heartbreak of home, the song became an anthem. The song was “Down Along the Dixie Line,” written and performed by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings. I’d never listened to them before, but I’ve been tuning in quite intensely ever since.

I carried that song home with me, and sang it by myself in my room until I got brave enough to sing it for company. My sister and I tried harmonizing with it somewhere in there, just to see if we could make something pretty on our own - and so the idea of sister harmony just kind of sneaked in. We had no aspirations, really. We just liked the way it sounded when we mixed. We sang together in Abbey’s room, just for fun. 

2. How many concerts do you schedule in a year? Where do you perform?

Abigail: We schedule between 3-6 performances a month--except December, which we take off. We perform all over Kansas, and its surrounding states. It's fun driving to so many different places to sing, meeting people of various backgrounds and character. We scheduled our second Colorado Music Tour (summer 2017) and performed at 7 venues in 10 days! That was pretty awesome!

There are plenty of coffee shop gigs, but we also go to festivals and do an occasional auditorium-style event. Festivals are always a highlight for us, even though they cause nervous anxiety that's really....well, awful, but other than that they're great! We've started booking house concerts and are looking forward to those. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOUSE CONCERTS.