Named Best Duo - 15th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards - 2019


Recording with Musicians

Last week we had our first official recording session for our new album. The day began around noon as we worked through the songs and chord sheets and ended at 3:30 AM. A long day, but the music is sounding awesome!

This is the first of several sessions we'll have at the Hall of Fame Recording Studio.  At this session, we met with Oklahoma musicians Shelby and Nathan Eicher, members of Mischievous Swing. 

Pictured above is Nathan, bass-player extraordinaire.

Russell Head recorded a rough version of the songs on his guitar.

Shelby on his fiddle--he is an amazing fiddle player!

These guys made our music shine. We are eager to share our new songs with you and will keep you updated. Next, we meet with Isaac Eicher to record sets on his mandolin.