Named Best Duo - 15th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards - 2019


Album Reviews - The Equal Ground and No Depression

Last week we received our first album reviews. We're excited to know that My Own Dixie is being well-received in the Indie Music Community. 

The first review came from Ted Rogen at The Equal Ground, who ranked it as a Top Album! 

"The Vogts Sisters who are actually sisters recently released an exceptional album entitled My Own Dixie. Maggie Vogts (acoustic guitar, fiddle, harmony vocals) and Abigail Vogts (acoustic guitar, mandolin, main vocals) have a surplus of talent that is immediately recognizable amongst the Americana/folk/country songs they play. The album is perfectly engineered which only adds to the warm, comforting tones that emanate from My Own Dixie." Read more HERE.


The second review came from No Depression, The Roots Music Authority since 1995, by Frank Gutch, Jr.

"It is Friday morning and I am awash in the beauty of musical DNA, that of The Vogts Sisters to be exact (You pronounce that Votes, sports fans). Listening to their new album My Own Dixie has reawakened my interest in writing a piece on DNA and music. There is something magical about familial voices, is there not?" Read more HERE.