Named Best Duo - 15th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards - 2019


2017 - Friends and Fans

We couldn't conclude our year in review without giving a nod to all the friends and fans who've offered their support along the way.
 We so appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for joining us on this ride.

A little girl and violinist we met at Bowlus Fine Arts Center.

Here with Mark Hecht and his wife Pam, at an event in Burlingame, KS.

Here with family who traveled all the way from Denver to see our performance in Ouray.

Our grandma and grandpa, who lovingly and graciously share their RV to help us with our travels.

Here with a sweet lady who heard us in Fort Scott and who has been following our music for several years.

Dinner hosts, Mark and April Orgren, who graciously provided us with a delicious meal
before our performance in Ouray.

More Orgren family from Ouray.

Little cousins who came from Omaha to hear our performance at LAFTA in Lincoln, NE.

Mary Hecht, a lovely lady who attends many of our performances.

A sweet little gal who heard us at the Neodesha Arts Center.

Family who came to hear our music at One14 Coffee in Neosho, MO

Jerome and Mary from Folk House Concerts, Omaha, NE

And last but not least, Russell Brace, from our Stage 5 performance at Walnut Valley Festival.

 Thank you again for your support and friendship. It means so much to us, and this music adventure would mean very little to us without you!