Named Best Duo - 15th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards - 2019


Recording our Fourth Album ~ Broken Ties

This past month we have been working to record our newest album (our fourth one) at Wert's Music Studio in Kansas City. 
We enjoy working with Kelly, who also helped produce our third album, HOMEWARD. 

We're calling this new album Broken Ties, and it will have ten original songs, including Abbey's first original work.

Here's a peek at the artwork for our front cover, by Hutchinson Artist, Brady Scott
This will be our third album using Brady's work.

There's so much that goes into releasing a new album--recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, description, photography
--and that doesn't even touch the work that goes beyond the actual creation, such as reviews, distribution, marketing, promotion, etc. 
We haven't set an official release date yet, but watch for Broken Ties this spring.