Named Best Duo - 15th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards - 2019


Surviving Our First Folk Conference

Last month, we attended our first International Folk Alliance Conference at the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City.
It was quite an experience for us, surrounded by thousands of folks in the music industry that included managers, producers, 
promoters, venue owners, radio, and an army of bands and artists--all trying to find the next greatest act or get their foot in the door!

Since we were only able to commit to two days of the conference, those two days were jam-packed with activities, including nine private showcases. 
The hotel provided three floors for the private showcases. Walking down the halls of those floors reminded us of a freshman college dormitory, 
with posters and flyers covering the walls, and people and instrument cases filling the hallway.

By the time we left on Sunday, we were ready to return home--back to our quiet place. Was it worth the time and investment? Time will tell. 
It was a good experience for us to meet and visit with industry professionals, to show us just how many artists there are vying for that spot on the stage, 
and to share songs from our new album. Next year, the conference will be in Canada. See more about the folk conference HERE.