Named Best Duo - 15th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards - 2019


Named Best Duo in the 15th Annual 
International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA) 
for Dixie Bride - 2019

Broken Ties (May 2018) gravitates toward different shades and angles of loss while exploring the range and dynamics of the Vogts Sisters’ maturing harmonies and instrumentation on mandolin, fiddle, and guitar. Named Best Duo in the 15th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards, their growing mastery of songwriting continues in this fourth collection of original music.

"The interplay between the sisters makes this an easy CD to listen to, both vocally and instrumentally with uncluttered two-or-three-instrument arrangements. The Vogts Sisters have produced a nice effort with good songs and a simple approach to the music." Bluegrass Unlimited, August 2018

"It's hard to top sibling harmony. And it's nearly impossible to imitate. Sisters Abigail and Maggie Vogts have been touring together since 2012. Their latest CD, Broken Ties, their fourth, demonstrates their super tight sister harmony wonderfully." Americana Rhythm Magazine June 2018

"What if I told you that some of the best mountain music you'll hear this year is coming from Kansas? I supposed the music of the Vogts Sisters is not technically mountain music, though there is something about it that makes me think West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky. Welcome to the world of vocal bluegrass. Broken Ties is more than the voices. It is the light touch on the instrument, the phrasing, the lyrics, and the songwriting.” Frank Gutch, Jr. No Depression Album Review.

I’m not going to say the Weepies or the Waylin Jennies or even I’m With Her… okay, so maybe I said it. But these two talented sisters are winning some hearts. The twangy Americana they make is guaranteed to melt your hearts and make you wish you were in the mountains, even if you’re the coldest city slicker. The lilting vibrato on the vocals are authentic while the string work feels as refreshing as the front porch breeze. I could listen to these talented ladies all day." Ear to the Ground Playlist

"As engineer and co-producer of the Vogts Sisters’ latest CD, Broken Ties, my job was very simple: stay out of the way and let the magic happen. After our work together on their previous CD, I thought I knew what to expect - lots of lovely and well-crafted harmony vocals set to the moody lyrics of older sister Maggie. I was surprised, though, by the sisters’ expanding pallet of aching, playful and sometimes full-throated lead vocals. Not to mention powerful dynamics and moods, more adventuresome instrumental work, and an excellent first song penned by Abigail. The resulting collection meets the standards we have come to expect from the Vogts Sisters, and then much, much more." Kelly Werts, Werts Music Studio

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