Named Best Duo - 15th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards - 2019


Homeward (2016) calls on pure and graceful harmonies that reach deep into the heart and soul with themes of love, truth, and honor. This first co-produced album compiles ten original works, including award-winning songs, Alexander, Remain, and Wayward Heart, fully embracing the Vogts Sisters distinct style and inspiring growth as acoustic folk artists.

 "Maybe one of the best under-the-radar acts in the roots/string/grass genre' today..." Americana Rhythm Magazine, March 2017 issue.

"Beautiful harmonies . . . emotion filled . . . haunting and sweet . . . well written, beautifully performed and masterfully produced." Renee Eberle, Kansas Bluegrass Broadcast Newsletter Album Review

"The talented  duo unapologetically embrace the power of an acoustic guitar, a fiddle and flawless vocals in this ten track, self-produced  gem....Strong Americana and Folk sensibilities are represented throughout in both the instrumentation and the stories told that are universal to the human condition." Harriett, The Daily Country Album Review

"Various elements converge to make up the magic that is The Vogts Sisters, foremost among them the harmonies—individually, Abigail’s and Maggie’s vocals are merely exquisite, but when they harmonize, they forge beauty of a kind to send shivers up the spine and kindle flames of gold in the heart." James Merinovich, Amazon Customer Review.

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