Named Best Duo - 15th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards - 2019


  • Sibling Harmony - Americana Rhythm Music Magazine - October 2019 - "Maggie and Abigail Vogts hail from southeastern Kansas (Erie) where they have been sibling musicians ever since they took piano lessons together as kids; eventually performing together at local churches and other small venues as part of the group Saving Grace from 2000 to 2005. “When we were in Saving Grace, I was terrified of performing for people,” Maggie shared. “I stammered and gulped. It was awful. But the other girls made it fun. Our oldest sister, Sam, was the brave one. She’d sing anything, loudly and with clarity. I never could do that for an audience. Abbey (Abigail) was the youngest in the group, and the hammiest.” Abigail added, “I always felt like the small and annoying cheerleader who knew every song; by heart.” See the entire article HERE.
  • 18 Bluegrass Bands Scheduled to Play - The Joplin Globe, Kevin McClintock - 2/22/19 - "Saturday’s third annual Bluegrass Showcase, in which 18 area bands will perform, is the latest in a long tradition of bluegrass festivals held annually in the region....Maggie and Abigail Vogts are no strangers to any of the local festivals. They’ve performed more than 50 gigs each of the past seven years. 'Probably what sets us apart the most is our sibling harmony and that we are a duo and not a big band,' Maggie said." See the entire article HERE.

2019 International Acoustic Music Awards - Best Duo

The Vogts Sisters were chosen for the 15th Annual IAMA Best Duo Award on their song, Dixie Bride. See the list of winners HERE.

2019 Indie International Songwriting Competition - Fourth Place Winner

Dixie Bride was chosen for fourth place in the Folk/Acoustic Division Category.  See more HERE. 

2018 Walnut Valley Festival - New Song Showcase First Place Winner "Prove Me Wrong"

The Walnut Valley Festival salutes the top 20 songs submitted (2 from each of 10 categories). The selected NewSongs are honored in one of two showcases at the September Festival. Winners receive medals and are performed by the songwriters.

  • Kansas City Star - KC Concerts, by Bill Brownlee - 8/7/18 - "Size doesn’t matter in old-timey music. The Nashville-based band Old Crow Medicine Show will entertain a throng of rapturous fans of vintage sounds in Kansas City on Wednesday, Aug. 15, while the Vogts Sisters will play in a room that seats only four dozen on Saturday. The intimacy of the latter show at the Gospel Lounge at Knuckleheads is likely to make it the more rewarding of the two experiences. Abigail and Maggie Vogts, a duo based in Erie, Kan., create charmingly unassuming folk music highlighted by glorious family harmonies." 
  • Bluegrass Unlimited Album Review - 8/1/18 - "The interplay between the sisters makes this an easy CD to listen to, both vocally and instrumentally with uncluttered two- or three-instrument arrangements. The Vogts Sisters have produced a nice effort with good songs and a simple approach to the music." See the entire review HERE.
  • Feel-Good Music - The Hutchinson News, by Jennifer Randall - 6/29/18 -"Join the Vogts Sisters at Metropolitan Coffee this Saturday evening. The Kansas duo will perform Americana and Folk music in their own style. These sisters sing their original songs that blend timeless music with sweet harmonies and instrumentation on mandolin, fiddle, and guitar..." Read the entire article HERE.
  • Americana Rhythm Magazine - June 2018 - Issue #75 - "It's hard to top sibling harmony. And it's nearly impossible to imitate. Sisters Abigail and Maggie Vogts have been touring together since 2012. Their latest CD, Broken Ties, their fourth, demonstrates their super tight sister harmony wonderfully." Read the entire issue HERE.
  • Sing-Out Radio Magazine - 5/23/18 - "As I get older, I notice the apparent “graying” of the folk music audience. As soon as I label myself a “moldy fig,” a great new young artist gets my attention.This week on the SORM we’ll feature some young musicians who have captured our attention … past and present. Take a listen to the next generations … this week on The Sing Out! Radio Magazine." See more HERE.
  • No Depression Album Review, by Frank Gutch Jr. - 5/21/18 - "What if I told you that some of the best mountain music you'll hear this year is coming from Kansas? I suppose the music of the Vogts Sisters is not technically mountain music, though there is something about it that makes me think West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky. Welcome to the world of vocal bluegrass. Broken Ties is more than the voices. It is the light touch on the instrument, the phrasing, the lyrics, and the songwriting.” See the entire review HERE.
  • Ear to the Ground, A Playful Music Mix - 5/17/18 - I’m not going to say the Weepies or the Waylin Jennies or even I’m With Her… okay, so maybe I said it. But these two talented sisters are winning some hearts. The twangy Americana they make is guaranteed to melt your hearts and make you wish you were in the mountains, even if you’re the coldest city slicker. The lilting vibrato on the vocals are authentic while the string work feels as refreshing as the front porch breeze. I could listen to these talented ladies all day." See the entire playlist HERE.
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