Named Best Duo - 15th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards - 2019



"The interplay between the sisters makes this an easy CD to listen to, both vocally and instrumentally with uncluttered two-or-three-instrument arrangements. The Vogts Sisters have produced a nice effort with good songs and a simple approach to the music." Bluegrass Unlimited, August 2018

"It's hard to top sibling harmony. And it's nearly impossible to imitate. Sisters Abigail and Maggie Vogts have been touring together since 2012. Their latest CD, Broken Ties, their fourth, demonstrates their super tight sister harmony wonderfully." Americana Rhythm Magazine June 2018

"As engineer and co-producer of the Vogts Sisters’ latest CD, 'Broken Ties', my job was very simple: stay out of the way and let the magic happen. After our work together on their previous CD, I thought I knew what to expect - lots of lovely and well-crafted harmony vocals set to the moody lyrics of older sister Maggie. I was surprised, though, by the sisters’ expanding pallet of aching, playful and sometimes full-throated lead vocals. Not to mention powerful dynamics and moods, more adventuresome instrumental work, and an excellent first song penned by Abbey. The resulting collection meets the standards we have come to expect from the Vogts Sisters, and then much, much more." Kelly Werts, Werts Music Studio

"What if I told you that some of the best mountain music you'll hear this year is coming from Kansas? I supposed the music of the Vogts Sisters is not technically mountain music, though there is something about it that makes me think West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky. Welcome to the world of vocal bluegrass. Broken Ties is more than the voices. It is the light touch on the instrument, the phrasing, the lyrics, and the songwriting.” Frank Gutch, Jr. No Depression


 "Maybe one of the best under-the-radar acts in the roots/string/grass genre' today..." Americana Rhythm Magazine, March 2017 issue.

"Beautiful harmonies . . . emotion filled . . . haunting and sweet . . . well written, beautifully performed and masterfully produced." Renee Eberly, Kansas Bluegrass Broadcast Newsletter Album Review

"The talented  duo unapologetically embrace the power of an acoustic guitar, a fiddle and flawless vocals in this ten track, self-produced  gem....Strong Americana and Folk sensibilities are represented throughout in both the instrumentation and the stories told that are universal to the human condition." Harriett, The Daily Country

"Again, ten solid originals presented Vogts Sisters-style, this time just the sisters and the songs. Low key but not lo-fi, they keep the songs close to the vest, singing from the heart. There is lonesome here, and happiness, and humility, but mostly melody and harmony." Frank Gutch, Jr. No Depression

"Various elements converge to make up the magic that is The Vogts Sisters, foremost among them the harmonies—individually, Abigail’s and Maggie’s vocals are merely exquisite, but when they harmonize, they forge beauty of a kind to send shivers up the spine and kindle flames of gold in the heart." James Merinovich, Amazon Customer Review

"The sisters sing in well-matched soprano (Abigail) and alto (Maggie), and every song is marvelously harmonized and skyward-reaching. And with this framework, the sisters conjure images of haunting clarity. It’s this understated darkness lurking at the edges of the sisters’ work that lends it some of its greatest value. The temptation here might have been to use their lush voices to make everything goopy sickly sweet, all bright and glistening surfaces–there’s a lot of music in this style that does just that, all glitter and no substance--but they don’t take the bait. There’s plenty of sunshine on display, but they manage to work in menace, fear, regret, and doubt amidst the light, and it’s a fuller, more honest, more human range of emotions. And that’s what makes them so luminous." Jeremy Johnson, The Pittsburg Appeal.

"When you hear the Vogts Sisters you will be immediately drawn to the beautiful harmonies that emanate from the stage. Intricate and flowing two part harmonies accompanied with guitar, mandolin and violin, will leave you breathless and wanting more. It makes no difference if the song is an acoustic standard, an old rock favorite or a finely crafted and written, life-inspired, award winning original .. the arrangements and the delivery are awesomely outstanding. There is a sweet innocence that is cast over the audience as they are endeared to the Vogts Sisters. Maggie and Abbey are truly rising, shining stars of the Kansas folk and Americana scene. Don’t miss the chance to spend a little time in the world of the Vogts Sisters." Russell Brace Owner - Stage 5, Walnut Valley Festival, Winfield, KS


"Across ten effortlessly beautiful, soft bluegrass ballads, Maggie and Abigail Vogts lay out a plan for their music and narrative, with a firmer sense of who they are than most veterans. In fact, if you were not already aware of their youth, it would not be apparent, instead expecting women twice their age to be behind those mountain sopranos. Those sisterly harmonies are sublime, pure and earthy.Vickye, For the Country Record

"My Own Dixie is playing on the system as I write this, those sweet harmonies just part of what makes this young duo something special. Oh, how nice it is to hear music produced just for the beauty of it. Mostly light and flowing, the songs wash over rather than accost you. Much of it, of course, can be attributed to those angelic voices, but the songs themselves are a step above the norm."  "Frank Gutch, Jr, No Depression

"The vocal harmonies between the sisters are fantastic time and time again. Each sister has a good voice when singing solo but magic happens when they combine which they luckily do quite often." - Ted Rogen, The Equal Ground

"Enchanting. Captivating. Delightful. The Vogts Sisters first original album, My Own Dixie is all of those things; an album blending Folk, Americana and Bluegrass into something graceful and pristine, filled with harmonies and instrumentation that are absolutely gorgeous." - Tara - The Daily Country


"Sweet and classy, Old Time Noise by The Vogts Sisters, is the kind of music the whole family can enjoy. With its down-home feel, beautiful harmonies and just a touch of sass…it’s the kind of music that’s as timeless as the sound from the mountain hollows, with a freshness that draws you in for more." - Joanne Bischof, award-winning author of the Cadence of Grace series

"The Vogts Sisters present us with a beautiful tribute to the songs of Gillian Welch. As a fan of Welch, I was apprehensive about the girls' approach but was pleasantly surprised. The sparse acoustic instruments with the girls' angelic harmonies add a beautiful innocence that is in direct contrast to Gillian's world-weary sound and yet it fits." - Edmundo Cabrera, Amazon Customer Review